Digital Goodies

Bring your love of Doki Doki Literature Club into your own world with some free, fun, digital downloads. Express your love of DDLC and customize your space in a variety of new and creative ways.

Nendoroid Monika DIY Pack

Nendoroid Monika includes an official optional cut-out sheet right inside the box! But what if you want to make your own dialogue boxes?

To help broaden your creative landscape of possibilities, we’ve put together a special downloadable asset pack to complement the existing optional parts sheet.

The Nendoroid Monika DIY Pack includes:

· DDLC themed icons

· In-game backgrounds

· Customizable dialogue box template

· Guides for custom poems or paper

All templates are available in both .PDF as well as .PSD file formats for easy customization.

We invite you to get creative in making this your own and look forward to learning what you’ll create!