Store Merchandise Update

Hi everyone! While I’m working hard to keep up with everything DDLC-related, I want to provide an update on the store merchandise to give you an idea of how long certain things will take to ship.

All orders made mid-November or earlier have been, or are in the process of being, shipped out. Since most of these happened before our system was fully automated, your order status on the store website will say “Processing” even after the order was shipped. Despite this, I’m pretty sure you’ll still receive a shipment notification email, but if you want to confirm the status of your order, then you’re welcome to email me and I’ll check for you.

For the rest of the merchandise still on backorder, here is an estimated timetable of when things will ship out.

Posters ordered mid-November or later: Expected to ship next week. Monika keychains ordered late November, or other keychains ordered early December: Expected to ship the week of December 18th.

I know that 4-week shipping times have been an inconvenience, so thank you for all of your patience and understanding while I finish getting the merchandise production up to the speed of DDLC’s unexpected growth rate. This is also the reason I haven’t yet opened international orders, because I want to make sure I can deliver in a timely fashion and not compound the issue.

With that said, I hope you find this info useful, and thank you very much to all those willing to support Team Salvato and for helping spread the love of DDLC!