Welcome to the New Site

Hello, and welcome to the new Team Salvato website!

The new site was designed by myself and Steevin Love, with some HTML/CSS support from John Rivs. Although the general content hasn’t changed, I believe it was long overdue to update the design and the technical framework of the site to better reflect our values. This is just a little post to celebrate and explain some of the process.

The new website is completely static, generated using Hexo and served via CloudFlare Pages. Most of the HTML and CSS has been written by hand. JavaScript is only used for some just-for-fun features on a couple pages.

It was a fun learning experience to catch up with modern CSS and JS, and it feels good to serve such a fast and lightweight website. Rather than just the visual design, I believe that the infrastructure of the site should also reflect our values, because I love the art of coding as much as I love the art of creative design.

I also resurrected an idea I’ve had since our origins, which is that the Team Salvato logo can take on different colors. If you ever wondered why our logo appears pink in DDLC and blue elsewhere, it’s because I wanted each of our games to feature a different logo color. I’ve reflected that on some of the pages on this site—I think it’s a fun little feature.

There isn’t much more to talk about without going into the nitty-gritty, but I appreciate you taking the time to notice this milestone of sorts and enjoy a product of my work, even if it isn’t something more exciting.

I look forward to seeing 2023 steadily bring our new games closer to reality!