DDLC Store, Translations, & Fan Work

Hello everyone,

A heck of a lot has been going on lately, so I wanted to provide some updates to common things I’ve been asked over the past couple weeks.

First of all, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to play and enjoy DDLC. I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response, and I can definitely say I wasn’t prepared for the attention DDLC has been getting. I’m doing my best to stay on top of all the social media, fan mail, and other kinds of upkeep that are coming along with it. The community has been just amazing, producing all kinds of incredible fan art, fun videos, and even some cosplay! Every time I come across new DDLC fan content, my heart warms up.

With that, I’d like to address the most relevant community-related topics!

The Store

I’ve had so many people asking when the store will be live, and it’s true that it’s been pretty substantially delayed at this point. There are a couple reasons - I’m new to some of the aspects of running an online store, so it took a little bit longer than I expected to get things set up with a fulfillment center and all that.

But the other reason has to do with the keychains. I’ll explain for the sake of transparency: Upon receiving the keychains from my supplier, they simply did not meet the quality standard I am comfortable selling in an online store. While they look great under normal conditions, if you inspect one while shining it in light, air bubbles and light scratches can be visible on the acrylic. I feel that selling these online could lead to disappointment from fans who are graciously willing to support me. Because of that, I wanted to try getting that sorted out before opening the store - that is, finding a new supplier, approving the samples, etc. Sadly, that process takes a fair amount of time.

What I will most likely do is open the online store in the next couple days, with a disclaimer that some items may take up to 3-4 weeks to ship. I will also go through my current keychain supply and hand-pick the ones that don’t have blemishes, so I can use those to fulfill as many orders as I can in the meantime.

I’m very glad to see so many people willing to support me with merchandise, so thank you very much for all of your patience. I’m doing my best to make sure that I don’t let anybody down.

Fan Translations

Many of you have expressed interest in translating DDLC to your native language. I am currently in the process of creating a Fan Translation Kit for this purpose. The kit will include many notes and guidelines for translating DDLC, along with the source files needed to edit the script and relevant images. When distributed, fan translations will be patch files that you copy to the DDLC game directory.

Please keep an eye on this website and @TeamSalvato for a newly-added “Translations” page, which will include the kit, a link to a Discord server for translators, and other important info. I will do my best to finish the kit this week.

Other Fan Work

DDLC has seen all kinds of fan art, fanfiction, game mods, song covers - the list goes on. I am very supportive of fan content for DDLC. To reflect that, I will soon have a “Fan Content Guidelines” page that will outline what I would like to permit for fan content.

The page will go into much more detail, but the guidelines will NOT be things like “Please don’t depict the characters in certain ways”. The guidelines will be more about what you’re allowed to make money from, and what kinds of game mods are okay (sequels/side stories are okay; mods to replace/enhance the original game are not). Again, I will go into full detail this week on that page. Ultimately, I want to do everything I can to support fan content while only putting restrictions on what might be considered unethical or harmful to Team Salvato.


That should cover the most pressing topics for the time being. DDLC grew very quickly, and I’m hoping I can continue to support the blossoming community and help them get more out of the game and characters. To all supporters and content creators, thank you tremendously for helping to make DDLC something special. With all of you in the community, it really feels like the Literature Club has only just gotten started.