The store is open! (Non-US orders coming soon)

Hi everyone - as promised, the Team Salvato store is now open, featuring some cool keychain and poster designs of the DDLC cast!

Please note that shipping will take up to 3-4 weeks during the store’s opening period while I work with high order volumes and other aspects of product distribution. After things are rolling smoothly, I will also enable international orders - I want to try to get the shipping prices down first, because it can get really expensive to ship even small items, and I don’t want to break your wallet. Once international orders are available, I’ll make another announcement.

Among the poster designs are exclusive prints from JisuArt and Hannah Santos - please check out the rest of their art if you like the poster designs!

I’m aware that the selection of merchandise is currently pretty small. I hope to be able to increase this over time, but as a one-person team it’s somewhat difficult to expand heavily into these areas when it’s not what I do best. If you represent a merchandise business or otherwise have experience with unique kinds of merchandise, please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in exploring possibilities with DDLC.

Thank you to everyone willing to support the team!